Acquired Taste

Acquired Taste

Like avocados

Brussels spouts



Chocolate ice cream


I am an acquired taste.

Like a strange new food

Grown in a foreign land

Flown in from an unknown farm

Unboxed and polished

Interestingly displayed

Pleasing or teasing to the eye

Unwrap me

I am

Beckoning to be tasted

Not ignored or wasted.

Neither I

Nor the strange fruit

Have seeds of judgment

Or a hard skin to be peeled

To be revealed

Before consumption

Both are full of gumption.

Never subtle or quiet

Both a sensory riot

Strong taste from first bite

Might give heartburn

Throughout the night

Pass us by


Buy it.

Once acquired

Me or the exotic, unknown fruit

You will crave more

Of this I am sure.


About cronegoddess

Built for comfort Not for speed
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